Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Tenancy Of Doctors Note For Work In Case Of Love

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I look at my mobile once again because I am no more a Bachelor. Since last 3 hours I have been waiting for her message, but it looks like she is busy somewhere, I guess with her siblings or may be her friends, I don’t know exactly. We met 4 years ago and it never happened that I texted her and she didn’t reply me back, I guess something has kept her occupied or she might be really busy. I checked my cupboard, looking for my bachelor diaries that are locked in the drawer. I took them out and there was a page in it. I guess she kept it there for me to read. The page smelled good and something was written there. It was a page titled ‘Doctors Note for Work’. I knew the title and I knew where she was.

I don’t remember anything special in my life that has happened with my travelling, except her. We met in Ahmedabad, on the day when I had to board my train ‘Ahmedabad-Pune Duronto Express’, which was, needless to say, going to Pune. After the tiring Rajasthan tour, I came to Ahmedabad and had to stay there for 5 hours before I could board my train, that was to be departed at 10 PM. I kept my bags in the locker room and hired a taxi and came to Kankariya Lake. It’s one of my favorite places in Ahmedabad, after the special restaurant called Patang – The Revolving Restaurant. I was roaming there. It was mid-June, the weather was pleasant. Cool breeze blew, and felt like it would start raining soon. I was sitting on a bench, enjoying the scene, when a girl came to me asking if I could let her use my phone as her phone was discharged. First, I hesitated, but then offered her my phone. She called her mother, told her to come and pick her up. She asked her mother to take a doctor’s appointment on the way. She was fast; I guess it took her only 40 seconds for the entire conversation. While waiting for her mother, she introduced herself and told me that she’s going to need a doctors note for work to take leave for 5 days from her office.

I didn’t understand at first, but then I tried to relate it with leave issues at workplaces, still wondering about the doctor’s appointment thing. She observed my confused expression and explained me the whole matter about her workplace. We sat there on the bench waiting for her mother, chatting over the same topic. She spoke throughout the conversation and I sat there listening to her and replying in either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ form. In that short span of time, she told me the entire story of her life and I just kept it to my name and city.  It has been a long time since this incident happened, but even today I cannot believe that was our first time when we saw each other and spoke to each other for that long. She seemed like a known stranger to me. Later on, her mom came and she left. God knows what happened in that little time we had together, but it looked like everything was going right and perfect. That was just a casual meeting but it seemed so special. Both of us knew that it was our first meet, but at the back of our minds we thought, it was certainly not the last.  We did not just accidentally happen to meet, but were destined to marry each other. I read my diary pages recapitulating good old days that were titled ‘Doctors Note for Work’. I never imagined that destiny would bump me to a stranger that would become my wife one day. It was a big deal as it does not happen with everyone. Turning the pages of my diary, I looked at God, and silently thanked him.
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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Should Chemical Castration be Given as a Punishment For Sexual Offence?

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With the technological advancement the world is developing at a rapid phase day by day. But unfortunately on the other end the crime rates are increasing at the same pace. Sexual crimes are one of the prominent types of all.

Studies have shown that 69000 females and 9000 males’ rape victims are recorded every year. This is just a data of recorded cases. In the actual scenario there are many more cases which don’t even gets recorded. There are many kinds of punishment which are given to the offenders with an aim of getting sexual offences to an end. Chemical castration is a type of punishment given in few countries while it is still a debatable issue for many countries. Chemical castration is a castration via drugs to reduce sexual activity in the body.


But the approach of punishment should not be such that it only make sure that the guilty gets the severest punishment, rather it should aim to eradicate crime from the roots of society. Such a severe punishment is given to people only to create deterrence among the society but death sentences given in India for many crimes like murder, repetitive drug trafficking, but still these continue to prevail in India. This means deterrence cannot prevent future offences.

Moreover castration fails to treat the psychological roots of sexually deviant behavior. You cannot punish this behavior away- something gin these people is broken and needs repair. We must make them take responsibilities for their behavior and also give them the tools to be able to that.


Additionally castration-physical or chemical doesn’t guarantee that a man will forever be sexually dysfunctional or would not commit any other sexual offence. It’s not gonads that cause them to commit sexual battery it’s their heads. Many cases have been reported in which rapists use many objects to commit rape. So that’s quite obvious that chemical castration wouldn’t be an effective measure to stop the sexual offences in the society. Further chemical castration can also reversed. if we consider any young boy is committing such crime and getting this as a punishment , his future would be greatly affected there is also a possibility that offenders gets deeply affected mentally after going through such severe punishment and decides to hurt women in other ways, chemical castration would prove to be no help. Rather the offender should be sent to rehabilitation center or should be made to undergo a psychological treatment so as to reach the root cause as to why people commit such crimes there would be many reasons like unemployment, lack of awareness etc.

Such a severe punishment would serve only to satisfy the urge for vengeance. Any reattributed value is short lived lasting only until the next crime
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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Why Smoking is Bad for You?

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Throughout the years, we have witnessed an exponential growth in the amount of cigarettes sold and consumed by individuals. A large part of the crowd has become habitual to smoking. Every street we cross, every place we go, every day everywhere we find a bunch of people smoking. It has become a very common sight these days. People are getting too connected to smoking. And here, the much asked question arises: Why smoking is bad? This question has been debated a lot. People are blindfolded with the myth that smoking does no harm. They are not ready to accept the fact that smoking brings no good to the mankind. We need to look into this matter in order to make people aware of the smoking cons.


Smoking has been found more in the younger generation these days. It has become a matter of concern worldwide. Every school, every college, every educational institution is loaded with smokers. The urge to smoke has become uncontrollable. It is not about restricting someone from smoking; instead, it is all about educating them on why smoking is bad. It is important to acquaint people about the side effects of smoking. Smoking not only damages the body, it also brings lots of danger to our health. Frequent smoking causes lot of diseases that can even cause death sometimes. It also affects the brain of individuals, causing anxiety and stress. It causes heart and lung diseases and cancer. It causes infertility in women and reduces sperm density in men. It also has various negative effects on our bones. Smoking has also been found to affect the appearances of individual. People consider smoking as a stress reliever but in reality it has become a habit that is difficult to quit. People blindly believe that smoking has become a necessary thing.  They don’t smoke because they want to; they just smoke out of habit.


A Burnt Cigarette Ash Said: Today it's me, because of you! but Tomorrow it's you, because of me!!! " Quit Smoking before Smoking Quits You"

Smoking needs to be stopped. There is no such reason to smoke, no reason to make it a habit, no reason to consider it as a way of life. There are various other things one could do that are way better than smoking. Don’t let this habit overshadow you. It is never too late or too early to quit smoking. Whenever you feel that it is getting difficult to quit, just think about the reasons as why smoking is bad and what it can do to you. Just remember, smoking is not the only solution to things. So, eliminate smoke, add days to your life. Quit smoking!
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Get Self Motivated!

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I remember my mother saying: “learn to help yourself”, “motivate yourself rather than expecting others to do so”. And I, as a child, used to think that if I have so many people around me to help, support and motivate me then why should I worry? This thought housed in my mind for a long time. It was after I stepped out of my home leaving behind my close ones, I realized that the world is not an easy stage to perform. It is a place full of goods and bad. Here, humanity comes along with ruthlessness, sweetness comes with evil and in fact, everything comes with a price to pay. The world was not as beautiful as the little girl in me viewed it several years ago. It was scarred with lots of problems, adversities, struggle and bad omens.


The world seem so pure and pretty from the nutshell surrounded by with our friends and family but it takes its real form when we face it alone, when we fight against it with no one around, no one to help, no one to support and stand by our side. All we have is our own self, our own body, our own mind and soul. Then the words of my mother echo in my ears: “Help Yourself”. And then I realize that despite so many people around me, I am still alone to fight this world.

When everything fails, when everything gets wrong, when the going gets tough, all we need to do is, help ourselves, fight alone, support ourselves and get self motivated. No one is going to come for help; no one will motivate you, console you, and support you in your hard times. No one, but you!
You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny
You are your ultimate helper. Never be dependent on others for anything. You are self sufficient for everything. Until and unless you don’t feel good about yourself, no one else will do so.

Whenever you feel low, try thinking about the things you have and feel lucky to survive in this world. Recapitulate your good times; relive your old beautiful memories. If you have managed to travel till now, then the future is no difficult for you to face. Get up, get ready, pamper yourself, and show the world that you are beautiful despite all the flaws you have. You are strong because you know your weaknesses. You are fearless because you can overcome all your fears. You are intelligent and successful because you have learnt to work hard and accomplish your goals. You are smart because you have traveled well through all your mistakes. You smile even though you have experienced a lot of sadness and have walked through numerous adversities of life.

So, smile, laugh, go crazy, love yourself and do whatever it takes to stay happy and satisfied because at the end, everyone goes, everything fades, what remains is You and your soul. Set yourself free from all the materialistic things and live a self contained and a self motivated life! 
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Friday, 23 October 2015

Slaves to Technology!

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When was the last time you had lunch or dinner at home without the television being on, or the cell phone in hand? When was the last time you gave time to your family rather than your work and your phone? You don’t remember, right? Indeed yes! The world has become a slave to technology. Everyone is bound to their phones and laptops. People have become a secondary thing, phones and laptops being the primary. Why is the world so much into technology? Why is it taking the place of people? Why is it ruining relations?


Those were the days when the whole family sat together to eat, talk and enjoy with no cell phones or laptops or music systems or play stations and video games around. Where people talked more, rather than using snapchats or WhatsApp. Where people gave time to each other and discussed about their lives. Technology has eaten up everything. No doubt technology has connected the world but we still feel disconnected from within.

The world is heading towards a place where our day to day survival will be in the hands of machines and technology. The machines will do all the work, slowly rusting our brains and body. This will lead to a more machine driven world rather than a human effort one.


For instance, we see everyone busy capturing images and videos rather than enjoying the moment. People get so busy capturing memories that they forget living the moment and actually creating memories. This keeps them busy with their mobile phones barring them to enjoy themselves.

Technology has made our lives easier and has brought a lot of changes. But becoming a slave to it is never a good option. Technology should be moderately important in our life. This generation needs to understand that with the evolving technology we should also keep up with our friends and family and not just get ourselves glued to our phones and laptops. Because at the end, people matter more than machines! 

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Nice Car to Drive in the City – A Segment Wise Sighting

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Owning a car in the city no doubt makes getting around easier and convenient. But it also has its share of problems like potholed roads, smaller lanes, confusing traffic rules, traffic jams and crammed parking lots. An ideal urban car should be able to overcome all these difficulties with ease and moreover should be likeable and affordable to the buyers.

Although there are plenty of options in the city cars segment, hatchbacks are comparatively more practical, efficient and safer than the bigger cars. And they are economical too!We have many good cars in the hatchback section like the Maruti Alto and Swift or New Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Eon, i10 or i20, Honda Brio, Chevrolet Beat and Sail, Ford Figo, Maruti Celerio and so on. However the latest Tata Bolt seems to lead here in terms of spaciousness, engine and other features.


Tata Bolt is equipped by a modern engine that rides well and is available infour petrol and three diesel variants. The cabin can easily accommodate 5 people and has a good infotainment system and other comfort features. It also get features like EPAS with ‘Active Return’ function, speed sensitive power steering, ABS, Cornering Stability feature and dual path suspension system which help in easy driving. It will fit easily into the smallest parking slot.


But people who count more on style will surely prefer a feature rich sedan over a simple hatchback. One can go for low cost entry level sedans or costlier ones with more style and features in the sedan section. Honda City, which debuted in India in 1998, isone of the most successful and popular mid-size sedans around. The latest Honda 2014 New City, though it looks like the old City is more spacious, has a smooth engine and gives out high fuel efficiency. This factor is of great importance while driving in traffic. The more affordable and compact Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is also a well sought after sedan in urban areas.


And, we have the big cars. They can be used to get around within cities or intercity rides, and in addition can be used for off-road purposes as well. Ford Ecosport is a compact SUV which can house 5 people easily. The roomy interior cabin further has an impressive boot space of 340 liters. Ecosport’s several diesel and petrol variants offer loads of safety and comfort features. It won’t be the easiest to park, but with its big tires, driving over pot holes or running over curbs will be easy.

To conclude we can say that any car which gives enough space to sit, offers decent comfort and goes through traffic without overheating will make a nice city car.

Also check out the Tata Bolt and Bajaj Motor Bikes in India 

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life is Precious- Do Not Lose it Over Petty Reasons!

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Recently we are coming across a lot of reports about student suicides, especially students belonging to their teens. People who commit suicide feel that they don’t have anything left in their lives and there is no future. They feel that their life has become a waste and everything around seem negative and depressing. Suicidal cases among students have taken a big number these days, reasons being petty, lame and totally meaningless. This immaturity urges them to take such actions. Why is the need to end our own life? Why would a young, hard working and talented student who has the whole world ahead of him do something like this? These questions need to be answered.


Pressure about studies, exams, marks, entrances and education is a common phenomenon among students. Their life revolves around their academics and nothing else. Parents have also created a pressure on their children about education. This way they are drifting away from their child’s emotions and what their child wants in life. They don’t understand the needs, the interests of their child, and force them to follow the crowd and get good grades. This creates fear and tension in the minds of students. Sometimes this pressure gets too much, forcing them to take such dreadful decision.

One should understand that a suicide affects everyone around and not only the victim. It shatters all lives linked with the person. People suicide and go away from this world but they have no idea what do they leave behind. They leave behind pain and sadness for everyone around.

There are many reasons to live and no such reason to die. Life does not end with bad grades or failures. Life has lots of other big things waiting for us. Problems occur in everyone’s life; this does not mean that they should end their lives. Instead they should deal with those problems and come out as a fighter. Suicide is not the only option; in fact it is never even an option.

So please, lookout on this problem. Whenever you feel distressed due to failure, do not get upset; instead look for motivation and support. There is a solution to all the problems of life. One needs to find out that solution and deal with it. If god wanted us to take our lives, he wouldn’t have sent us here at first. But he sent us here with a motive. So have faith and carry on with your work. Things will get better soon. Because no matter how tough life gets and how much it hurts, there is no reason to give up and end it.
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